Tuning in with the experiences present in yoga and meditation can provide deeper sense of rest and inner strength. It is an endless source of inspiration and insights 


Ohm | Yoga & Meditation

Since I started practicing yoga in 1999 and teaching in 2007 I have been searching to find a perfect balance between coming at ease and finding strength throughout my  whole being. This curiosity led to studying over 1,500 hours of yoga and meditation with numerous teachers.

INSIGHT YOGA In 2009 I met Sarah Powers and I found in her one of my primary teachers of yin yoga, the Chinese meridian system and Buddhist meditation. My interest for meditation, meridian theories, and yin yang yoga is thread throughout my yoga classes, meditation practices and workshops.
EMBODIED FLOW In 2014 I was introduced to Tara Judelle's  Embodied Flow, a style of yoga based on a continuum of movement and expression drawn from hatha, Tantric, and somatic movement systems. In 2016 I started to attend Teacher Trainings and follow mentor programs of Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. Embodied Flow unites all that I have studied and offers me a expression to combine experience and creativity in a meditative dance of yoga.
"Jan, your teachings have really helped me recalibrate. Your classes where exactly what I needed. You hold the space so beautifully" Gill
GROUP CLASSES I teach weekly classes at Egg of the Universe and Virgin Active, and Humming Puppy
PRIVATE/CORPORATE CLASSES Each person is unique and with that the yoga practice. In private sessions we will work towards a full yoga practice adjusted to your needs and ability with focus on alignment, breath, and awareness.  Contact me for more information.
"I find Jan's classes both really fun and deeply relaxing. It helps me ease a lot of work-related tension." Julia