Nutrition is essential for our lives. It supplies energy, nourishes our emotions, and provides building blocks for our entire body. MIND AND SOUL


Food for Thought | nutrition 

Depending on your lifestyle and the stages of your life it might be challenging to obtain optimal health. You might, for example, have a busy, demanding and stressful life, allergies, a chronic condition, weight problems, physical dis-ease, or hormonal issues. 

NOURISH THE HEALTHIER YOU There are no set solutions for achieving a healthier you. Lifestyle, your diet, your history of health, personality, and stage of life are just a few aspects that come to mind. My “holistic” approach helps us create a holistic health plan that is unique and personalised to your lifestyle and health. 
NEED A NUTRITIONIST?  You can see me for different reasons. It could be for a general look at your diet or more health related conditions such as: 

 gut health 

Relieve of GUT issues and support of gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, SIBO, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease, fatty liver. 


Nutritional and lifestyle support for auto-immune conditions, joint inflammation, or systemic inflammation, low immunity. 

stress support

Worry, anxiety, sleep difficulty, fatigue, agitation. Signs that you might need holistic stress support and coping approaches with diet and coaching.

 weight support 

Lose weight with a personalised program aimed to help reset your metabolic system. A combination of diet, stress management and physical movement

 detox program 

A regular/seasonal detox helps to improve energy levels, concentration, weight fluctuation and reduces oxidative stress. 


Workshop and retreats  to help you understand contributions to your health and wellbeing. With yoga, meditation, nutrition, essential oils and food