Spring is an ideal season for a detox. Enjoy my special Detox program to cleanse liver, gut and mind

Spring detox | nutrition 

Join my holistic detox program this spring.  It is helping to create space in the chaos and stresses of our mind and body through food, mindfulness and wellness. A body and mind that is in a place of wellbeing is more resilient against daily toxins.

When we think about a detox we mostly think about clearing our body from excessive toxins. Stimulating organs in our body responsible for detoxification, such as our liver and gastrointestinal tract is very  beneficial. However, a holistic detox involves more than this. It is  also about creating space in the chaos and stresses of our mind and body through food, mindfulness and wellness. 

THE PROGRAM | In a 4-week program you receive a comprehensive and personalised detox. 

The program set-up:

  1. 60 minute initial consultation: This consultation focusses on setting the parameters for the detoxification and looks into individual nutritional support. This is based on a detox questionnaire, symptoms, environmental influences and diet. First dietary and lifestyle steps are taken into the detox.

  2. 3 consultations focussed on providing deeper detoxification. Over a period of 3 weeks we will dive deeper into providing specific dietary and supplemental support. This may be based on liver, gut and/or kidney specific. Based on symptoms and environmental influences, personalised supplemental will be provided.

Consultation investment: $ 400*

Contact me for an appointment, consultation or enquiry

* This offer excludes supplemental support. Basic supplemental support starts at $150. Specific individual need  for additional supplements will be discussed during consultation.  Consultation times are: Tuesday 8am-1.30pm. Thursday 8am–1.30pm, Friday 3pm–7pm.


Book in an appointment at Health Space Rozelle call: 02 9810 8769