Finding the root of the cause and addressing it with mindful care and compassion can lead to groundbreaking results.

Find your path towards well-being with coaching

Find your path of tranformation | Life Coaching

Sessions are not limitted to merely dietary advice and lifestyle changes. A large part of our sessions dive deeper into the obstacles that might inhibit positive changes in health and wellbeing. 

MIND & BODY THERAPY connects the link between the mind and the body and helps you see how the mind is involved, and sometimes even responsible, for a lot of conditions that we see today.
FINDING THE ROOT Any health concern comes with emotional distress. Wether it is the result of a condition that causes emotional stress or mental and emotional issues that have led to physical symptoms or conditions  In each session we investigate how and why this contributes and what methods we can use to overcome them and achieve wellbeing. 
​HOLISTIC 360 DEGREES Mind & body therapy focuses on supporting health and wellbeing through physical and mental/emotional healing practices. This includes clinical nutrition, kinesiology practices (NET), METASCAN, ancient and modern body/mind practices.
METHODS OF CHANGE Awareness and acknoldgement of specific emotional and mental contributions are key. That is why I am keep on studying different approaches to apply such as NET (NEURO EMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE) And MIND BODY Therapy developed by Dr Scott Lyons . My background in mindfulness and Buddhist teachings are also very useful here. Based on foundations of mindfulness I provide methods to help cope with e.g. cravings, stress, anxiety, worry, perfectionism, insecurity. 
STEP-BY-STEP There is no quick fix for transformational processes. Slow progressive steps with regular checking in helps to nourish your body, mind and emotions.